Rangecast Markets:

General Information


There are many industries where a business needs to know about events in their community involving a response from (depending on the industry) the police and/or fire departments.

  • Facility Security - Situational Awareness
  • News Media - Breaking Events
  • Ambulance Services - Accidents & Injuries
  • Trucking or Taxi Services - Car Accidents & Road Conditions
  • Tow Trucks - Car Accidents & Breakdowns
  • Insurance Adjustors, Restoration - Property Damage

  • Most public safety (police & fire) agencies broadcast communications over the air, and this information is available to the public.

    Rangecast can help you obtain, organize, and filter this information, to help you meet your business requirements.


  • The easiest option is a software-only solution. Rangecast's services include access to all Broadcastify radio feeds nationwide, plus additional content available from partnerships with select news media organizations. When combined with Rangecast's professional user interface, this is a powerful engine for intake and processing of public safety communications. Since we already have access to this content, we can provide you with a free trial period, so you can evaluate the value and quality of service before making any commitment.
  • For more advanced users, we can help you set up your own hardware system for receiving local public safety communications from the airwaves. This option requires buying hardware (radio receivers, and PCs to interface the radios with the internet), and our customer support includes programming your radios for the specific kinds of content that you want to monitor. This option often provides greater local depth and detail than what is available through the existing nationwide audio library.

  • The Rangecast media player provides live access to all radio communications received in your service area, with breakdowns allowing for user selection by agency type and jurisdiction. The Rangecast player also lets you go back in time to replay or review communications, so you don't miss an address or other important details. You can also go to the start of an event, to find out when it was first reported, and what happened. All audio is preserved and available for at least one month after an event.
  • The Rangecast alert system (requires an additional charge for text transcription) will search live content for keywords and provides e-mail and/or SMS notification of matches, including a direct link into the Rangecast Player so you can hear the audio (and review the surrounding communications for context and updates).

  • To find out if Rangecast is right for your business, write to ask about available audio in your service area, and a price estimate. (Price depends on estimated quantity of audio processed, which depends on the population of your service area, and what kinds of public safety agencies you need to monitor.)
  • A live demo of the Rangecast player, combining content from a small selection of towns nationwide, is available: Click Here.