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Rangecast Hardware, System Installation & Site Surveys

Scanner Master, the nation's leading police scanner dealer for over 40 years, is proud to provide the system hardware for Rangecast system installations. These near turnkey packages include rack-mounted computers, scanners, RCX scanner-to-PC interface units, antennas, filters and more. Customers can opt to provide their own equipment as well. Scanner Master also provides site surveys, system installation, programming and training services. Scanner Master's decades of experience in police scanners, public safety radio technology and optimizing RF reception will provide your organization with the most optimal results possible. Contact Rich Barnett for more information at:

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    Fire Restoration Leads

    John Niewiecki is a fire restoration and insurance adjuster lead generation expert. John operates the premier resource online for fire/water/smoke damage lead generation for the restoration and insurance adjuster industries, For over 10 years, John has marketed and sold Rangecast products and services nationally, as well as end to end computer networking and radio reception hardware. For a free consultation, contact John at: