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Rangecast is the perfect solution for managing police scanners in a newsroom. We take these complex scanners, which many desk staffers have difficulty using, and rack them up in an equipment room at your station, or optionally at remote bureaus, microwave receive sites, transmitter or camera sites. All the scanner audio and data is uploaded to the Amazon S3 Cloud.

The scanners are then easily accessed and operated through a simple web browser on the assignment desk or anywhere inside or outside of the station. With Rangecast not only does the desk have access to the Rangecast HTML5 "web player", but a news director, overnight producer or anyone at the station can also listen-in by simply launching a browser and entering their Rangecast login. And now even your photogs and reporters in the field can scan as well on tablets and cell phones (Android and ios)

Rangecast revolutionizes how a newsroom acquires and manages the wealth of valuable information scanner radios offer. We can bring you all the radio traffic from every service of interest within your DMA.

For more information on how Rangecast can benefit your news operation, please call Rich Barnett at 1-800-SCANNER (722-6637), or email Rich at: email

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Rangecast serves the newsrooms of television stations, newspapers, radio stations and local news websites from coast to coast. Rangecast customers include stations from all of the network owned-and-operated stations as well as most of the major affiliate station groups.

rangecast news room scanner rack
Scanners are taken off the assignment desk and are mounted in a rack room.
  • Frees up space on the desk
  • No more prying hands on the scanners locking out channels and upsetting the programming

  • Scanner radio traffic suddenly becomes a potent, vital and easy-to-use tool for the newsroom
  • Simple web interface makes listening easy for even the greenest intern
  • No more complicated scanner interface to deal with for your staff
  • Far better reception, far more channels and sources the staff has access to
  • news room assignment desk lead gathering
    Robust feature set makes listening far more effective
  • We build profiles for counties and state agencies - user interfaces that make sense
  • Set priority channels with alert tones or even elevated audio
  • Channels are presented with color coding by service (fire channels red, police blue, etc.)
  • Easily turn channels or groups of channels on and off with the click of the mouse
  • Easily hold on channels or multiselect channels for monitoring during an incident
  • image
    All scanner audio and data is stored in the Cloud for a minimum of three days
  • Miss the address of the big fire? With the click of a mouse go back in time and retrieve it
  • Audio can be saved as WAV files and used on-air or on the web at your discretion
  • Review the genesis of an incident for help piecing together a story
  • Insure that your staff really had notification of an important incident
  • Adjust playback speed to more effectively process transmissions
  • image
    Programming, Installation and Training Services Available
  • No more relying on your staff to program the scanners - we take care of it remotely
  • Site survey services and installations available through our strategic partners

  • Support Service
  • Our Ops Group monitors your system performance remotely
  • The Ops Group either troubleshoots and resolves any issues or sends your IT an alert
  • Same day tech support available
  • We track your system performance and have metrics on how often scanners are busying out
  • image
    Optional Voice-to-Text Transcription Service with Keyword Alerts
  • Have alerts based on key phrases such as "shots fired" sent by text or email to any staffer
  • Links embedded with the alerts allow you to auto launch the actual recording
  • Links embedded also allow you to auto launch a player to listen-in to the incident live