Rangecast Markets:

Other Public Safety Markets - Coming Soon!

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Public Safety

Local & county law enforcement and fire services will use Rangecast to keep abreast of radio traffic from neighboring cities, counties and state agencies. With Rangecast agencies will monitor from their dispatch office, from a mobile unit or even from a cell phone.

Emergency Management, Homeland Security & Military

Rangecast will soon allow your agency to receive radio traffic from any department in your service territory and distribute it out to any authorized user with an Internet-connected PC and most mobile devices running a simple web browser.

Traffic Reporting

Soon with Rangecast you'll be able to monitor most State Police and Highway Patrol radio communications as troopers are directed by dispatchers to accidents, breakdowns and other incidents on the highway on a minute-by-minute basis.

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Ambulance Services

In emergencies coordination and situational awareness can be critical. If you own a private ambulance service, you'll improve your response times and reactions to events that occur in your service territory by hearing the circumstances unfold as they happen.

Corporate Security

Scanner radios can be used by large & high-value corporations, law firms, sports venues and any number of companies & agencies to keep abreast of myriad types of important and emergency situations.

Campus Security

High Schools and university campus security departments needs to know not just what is happening on school grounds, but also the surrounding areas as well in order to ensure the safety of students.